Hot Water

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Hot Water

Hot water works harder.

Grease and grime are no match for our hot-water gas-powered systems. These units are totally self-contained and perform in all types of conditions, indoors or out. Just find a water supply, fire it up and watch the power of hot water at work.

Standard Features (Customization Available)

Chemical Injector Downstream low pressure
Gun Trigger shut off with cool grip
Wand Dual wand with variable pressure control & insulated grip
Safety Relief Valve Pressure pump protection relief valve
Heat Protection Heat sensor in bypass for pump protection
Heat Source Fuel oil (diesel, kerosene, or jet fuel), liquid propane, natural gas
Water Strainer Inline
Frame Heavy duty steel / powder coated paint
Wheels Heavy duty pneumatic or semi-pneumatic
Nozzle Variable angle 0° to 60°
Hose Chemical and oil resistant
Flow Rate 1 GPM to 50+ GPM
Pressure Range Up to 10,000 PSI
Gasoline Hot 800

Common Applications

No matter the industry or application, a customized Aqua Blast system is up to the task.

  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Food Processing
  • Gas, Oil, & Mining
  • Marine
  • Military, Government, & Municipal
  • Industrial / Plant Cleaning
  • Janitorial
  • Mobile Washing
  • Drain / Sewer Jetting
  • Truck / Fleet Washing
  • Private Contractors
  • Waste Management

Gasoline Hot Standard Machine Specifications

P3300GHES 3000 3
P4300GHES 3000 4
P4350GHES 3500 4
P4400GHES 4000 4
P5300GHES 3000 5
P5350GHES 3500 5
P5500GHES 5000 5

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