Tank / Duct Cleaner

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Tank / Duct Cleaner

Nice and easy, from every angle.

Turn your pressure washer into a Jetter by addding a self-rotating unit to the end of your hose. This unique, easy-to-install attachment gives you more ways to dig through clogs and backed up drains. It’s also the perfect solution for cleaning vent hoods, trash chutes, pipes, totes, manholes and most containers.

The rotating heads spin within the protective cage, directing the high-pressure spray to your surface. The adjustable arms also allows different spray angles, making it perfect for horizontal ducts and tanks. With a self-rotating design and stainless-steel construction, the Tank/Duct Cleaner is a smart, industrial strength, maintenance-free accessory.

Tank Duct Cleaner 800


  • Easy installation
  • Self rotating and stainless steel
  • Adjustable and non-adjustable versions
  • Protection plate available
  • Maintenance free
  • The adjustable arms allow different spray angles. Perfect for horizontal ducts and tanks